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CAD Decor is a software tool for bathroom design as well as for any room
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CAD Decor is a sophisticated software tool for bathroom design as well as for any room in a home where ceramic tiles are used. CAD Decor software was our answer to the market demand for an application that would provide the capability to arrange interior space laid with tiles, cost estimate the project and provide full technical documentation for designers and tile buyers. With CAD Decor software it is possible to design, cost and visualise the whole project, in particular tile arrangements, colouring and quantity. The system also enables fixtures and additional elements to be positioned and costed. One of the great advantages of the software is the interactive design process (all design, arrangement and visualisation processes proceed in parrallel (e. g. after placing a strip of tiles, you can see its realistic image immediately as well as its cost and the optimisation of tile usage in the project). There are several design tools available(you can design any tile arrangement on the floor or walls, make modifications, change colouring or texture or go back to the beginning of the design process at any time) that make working on your design much easier and faster. To position the fixtures, the universal database of models can be used. It consists of various elements such as washbasins, baths, shower baths, bidets, shower trays, mirrors, lighting and other elements. You can also develop a ready-to-use manufacturer's database. When starting your design process, choose a universal tile database, together with a user created database or a chosen manufacturer's database. Draw walls, dividing walls, pedestals or ceilings. You can also place windows, doors, openings and design tile arrangements and decorations, e. g. in a bathroom. Choose among many options: selection of collections, basic arrangements, edge arrangements, joint or arrangement editing. The final stage is drawing up a report of the tiles used, full materials cost and generating documentation of any wall revolved sections. The wall revolved sections can be dimensioned and described.
The experience we gained while creating applications for interior decorations - CAD Furniture system - enabled us to create a product that fulfils the requirements and expectations of most designers. The product's integral elements are ceramic tiles and manufacturers' databases of decorations. As well as offer an enhanced presentation of a project, professional design software should also fulfill marketing functions such as advanced options of cost estimation, reports and logistics.
Our target groups are shop assistants in exhibition rooms and manufacturers' distribution outlets. However, thanks to the software characteristics and working environment it enables any user to realise advanced projects that are usually only created by architects or interior designers. The software functions were created in such a way that even an inexperienced user, or simply a PC user (Word, Excel applications), will be able to complete sophisticated design projects following minimal training. Thanks to the CAD working environment, more advanced users can utilise typical AutoCAD functions. Using our software, an architect or an interior designer is able to design both complicated projects and interior decoration, making Cad Décor an application with significant added value.
CAD Decor software is also available in a special version of tiles producer, CERAMIKA PARADYŻ, as CAD Decor Paradyż. It is available on special producer's conditions.
Available language versions: English, German, Czech, Russion, Hungarian, Italian, Spanien

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